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Dessert you MUST try in Boston!

For the past week, I anticipated a day trip to Boston to do some fun activities. However, finding endless activities on Google made planning a day trip difficult for someone who is not from Massachusetts. So, I had to shift my research elsewhere. 


A few days ago, I was scrolling on Bentley University’s Facebook page and came across their events tab that has endless upcoming and current activities in the Greater Boston Area. They have numerous events such as AMC theater and Regal Cinema discount tickets, fall festive haunted hayrides, light shows, and additional events I could search for in a search bar. 

I plan on using this events page in the future because of my success in finding a fantastic food shop called Taiyaki NYC. 


Taiyaki NYC is in Seaport, Boston. They are most famous for their family-style Japanese desserts, such as their soft serve ice cream that my boyfriend and I purchased on Sunday. The chef served our soft serve ice cream in a smooth, buttery-breaded fish-shaped cone, which is a warm complement to the cold dessert. You can personalize the flavor you desire. For example, they have oreo and chocolate on their menu, but they could combine both into a swirl for us. 


On weekends they are currently holding specials where they sell homemade souffle pancakes, which lured me to their dessert shop. However, the wait was an hour and we had limited time on our hands. Therefore, we enjoyed our ice cream and planned on coming back another weekend for their pancakes. 


Before eating at Taiyaki NYC, I had minimal experience with Japanese dessert. Taiyaki NYC expanded my palette to more diverse desserts, giving me more insight into how different cultures prepare and serve their food. The fish cone component opened my eyes that although it may not be considered a “traditional cone” in American culture, it presents itself as an art in other cultures. This experience made me more appreciative of food as it comes in all forms and successfully provides people pleasure to taste, smell, hear, feel, and touch. Food is an art, and now I intend to branch out with more diverse desserts and meals. 


Hello! My name is Marissa, and I am a junior at Bentley, pursuing a degree in Marketing and a minor in Information Design and Corporate Communication. On-campus, I am also an athlete on the varsity swim and dive team, mostly swimming sprint freestyle. In my free time, I love to cook, travel, work out, write and spend time with friends.
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