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Courtney Stephens, Assistant Director of the Residential Center


Courtney Stephens is arguably one of the most well known and best loved staff members on Bentley’s campus. Her infectious personality and smile never fail to light up whatever room she walks into. You’ve probably seen her speak at a number of campus events, or maybe you lived in her building zone when she was a Residence Director. This semester, she’s serving as Her Campus Bentley’s interim advisor, and we couldn’t be more excited for this chance to work with her! We got a chance to ask Courtney some questions about her career path and her advice for students.


Her Campus Bentley: What led you to working in Residence Life?

Courtney Stephens: God. :) I started college at the University of Delaware as a Journalism major, became a tour guide during my first fall on campus, and my life completely changed. I loved helping students figure out where they were supposed to end up (even if meant telling them UD may not be the right fit for them). Right after college, I got my Master’s Degree in Higher Education at the University of Michigan. The summer between my grad school program, I interned at Bentley for the orientation program and fell in love with the campus, students and experience. The Residential Center had a few openings the summer I was searching…and as they say, the rest is history! I get to help students every day – that’s not something I take lightly.


HCB: What does a typical work day look like for you?

CS: Well, there’s the work day on my Outlook calendar, and the day that actually plays out. A typical day may include one-on-one with the awesome Residence Directors I supervise, helping mediate a roommate conflict, having a conduct hearing and attending some of the great committee meetings I get to be a part of at Bentley. However, because part of my job is to serve in an on-call/emergency crisis response role, if a student emergency comes up, my meetings are cancelled and the student’s health and wellbeing is the main focus.


HCB: Why did you choose to work at Bentley?

CS: I interned here during graduate school over the summer, and the easiest way to put it is I fell in love. The campus’ beauty takes your breath away, the administrators are student-focused and incredible people, and the students are going to change the world. Not too shabby of a place to call work (and home considering I live here, too!).


HCB: What’s the most common mistake students make during housing selection?

CS: I think assuming that if they don’t get their number one room on their list going into the process, they won’t have a great year. It is the community in which you live and your choice to become an active member within in that community that will truly make or break the residential experience.


HCB: What advice would you give to the Bentley seniors as they get ready to graduate?

CS: Stop. Stop whatever you are doing and just take a moment to take it all in. The time will feel like it is going even faster as you approach graduation. I always tell seniors that college isn’t the best 4 years of your life (how sad would that be to peak at 21/22 years old??). However, it’s an amazing experience that absolutely can help influence your future. But seriously…stop, enjoy and live.

Olivia is a senior at Bentley University studying Information Design and Corporate Communication. On campus, she is an Admission Fellow and Peer Facilitator for Bentley’s First Year Seminar program, as well as Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Bentley. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and going to Disney World (she’s obsessed).
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