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Companies That Need Bentley’s 320 Help

Looking forward to junior year? I feel you, your third year at Bentley is the bomb; maybe you’ll go abroad, maybe you’ll live on lower, maybe you’re turning 21 – all fun things! You know what’s not fun? GB 320. You’re placed on a team and presented with a real-life struggling company and are expected to develop a strategy to help them succeed. Your plan is compared against every other team in your class and the winner takes all (cash money $$$ and probably a 3.7 or 4.0). Companies in the past included a pay as you go phone service, tech businesses, a travel agent training, and blueberry jam. As there are many small companies that could use the help of talented Bentley juniors, we shouldn’t ignore the big players in the game. Here I present what should be the GB 320 2017-2018 companies. 

United Airlines

United Airlines needs our help; they’re displacing passengers and releasing scorpions and it’s really not good for their brand. Bentley students definitely have what it takes to develop an on-point marketing stratgey for the scandal-ridden airline.


For this 320 project, Bentley students will be setting up a protocol for all future Pepsi advertisements, making a list of what they cannot talk about, and come up with several different alternate campaigns that the beverage company could use in the future. 


Uber has been in the spotlight recently for their apparent culture of tolerating sexual harassment. While Uber has a great business model and is seriously convienent and inexpensive (at times), these scandals keep adding up (think drivers injuring passengers, and violating the privacy of its users). What can Bentley students do to help Uber repair the tears to its image?

Fox News

With all of their sexual harassment scandals Fox needs help on how to appropriately handle these claims when they’re first brought into light. Bentley students sure have the ethics background to assist these execs. 


This twitter account isn’t its own company, but it does have 28.1 million followers, and is used daily by the President of the United States. This account is riddled with personal attacks, spelling errors, and blame games. Most of us know how to run a coherent twitter account, so we’ll know just what to do even if Mr. Trump doesn’t want to hear it. 

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