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College Fashion Week: From the Runway to Everyday

Some of the looks on the runways are really hard to wear during our actual lives. Here we’ve done the work for you, we went to College Fashion Week hosted by HerCampus and broke down our favorite looks. We even researched the best alternatives that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  

Piper’s Picks:

The 70’s:

This look is the easiest to transition from runway to class. By getting a faux fur vest, you’ll be warm and trendy during this (sure to be) freezing winter. Cute double braids will give a 70’s feel to your look, paired with this adorable faux – fur vest from Target or TJ Maxx (down the street from Bentley!) and it’ll look like you just stepped off the runway but for ½ the price.  

Modern Punk:

Leather and plaid, who wouldn’t want a look like this? Pairing an adorable (and super fall) red plaid sweater with faux-leather jeans you’ll get a warm and cute look. For those a little more preppy, hounds tooth would be a great alternative print while still getting a lot of interest in your look.  

Feminine Minimalist:

Monochrome. It’s the only word you’ll need to achieve this look. By taking your favorite color and adjusting the shades of it just slightly between pieces you’ll be able to both have a minimalistic look while color blocking, another popular trend this F/W. For this look its less about the aesthetic of the clothes and more so the color. So be sure to look in the mirror before you leave so that you can be sure the coloring of your pieces doesn’t clash. 


Especially at Bentley you need to own a blazer. Business and blazers and basically synonyms. For a cute menswear look, you can add an oversized blazer over a cute dress, giving it a more casual feel. For me, blazers are the one thing I won’t cheap out on. I figure they don’t go out of style so you need to invest in some good quality ones. GAP and JCrew are my two favorites for my “adult” closet needs like blazers, dress pants and work-appropriate dresses (although lets be frank, my closet is 90% J.Crew anyways). 

Katie’s Picks:


This look was one of the favorites of the night and one of the most wearable. What gives this dress the 70’s edge is the fringe on the side. You could dress it up with wedges and some chunky jewelry from Aldo or even just add a fun jacket and riding boots to wear this dress to class. 

Modern Punk:

Another easy look to replicate. Just add your favorite pair of dark jeans and chucks then add a sweatshirt and flannel and you’ll be ready for your 8am! The key part of this outfit is layering, which is always on trend for fall and a great way to keep warm.  If you want to add a pop of color for this outfit try switching out the black and white flannel for one with more color like the red one from target.

Feminine Minimalist:

Maybe I’m biased because this was my look for the show but I fell in love with this BCBG dress. With formal season and holiday parties’ slowly approaching switch out these booties for heels and you have the perfect outfit; and who doesn’t love the back of this dress! If you like the dress but not the price tag try checking stores such as Forever 21 where you can find dresses with a similar mesh style.


A look that is easy to go from the runway to class or even a business casual networking event. All you need is an oversized sweater, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of slacks and you’re ready to go. If you want to make this even more casual switch out the gray slacks for grey leggings.

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Katie is in denial that she is a senior soon to be graduating from Bentley this spring. When she is not in class or at a meeting you can find her at a country concert any given day of the week. Besides country music she loves shopping, sushi, and all things Greek Life. Add her on insta @katesbgates
I'm a sucker for J.Crew, puppies and anything involving carbs. 
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