The Cheesecake Factory’s Brown Bread will be Available in Grocery Stores

We all know and admire the Cheesecake Factory for its eponymous decadent desserts—but in reality, the truest unsung hero of a Cheesecake Factory meal is none other than the famous brown bread.

The oat-topped honey wheat bread has reigned as a fan favorite—it’s the warm, fluffy, subtly-sweet predecessor that sets an exquisite foundation for the food that lies ahead. Fortunately, fans of the bread no longer need attempt to inconspicuously harbor a loaf in their purses to save for later. That’s right: you can now purchase the bread online and in grocery stores.

A new advent, the bread will be available in three different forms: dinner rolls, mini baguettes, and sandwich loaves—because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The Cheesecake Factory notes that the heat-and-serve loaves will taste identical to that which is served in-house, and now you can enjoy the mouthwatering masterpiece from the comfort of your own home.





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