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Campus Hopping

Being a  Collegiette™ at Bentley lends itself to a ton of fun things to do every weekend, but there are times when we need to experiment and expand our horizons. Luckily, Bentley is located a mere thirty minutes from a plethora of different universities.

So, the next time  you and your  friends find yourselves bored with on campus activities, try campus hopping.

1.    Where to go?
Go to a school where someone in your group has a contact. You can always branch out and make new friends once you arrive, but you need someone to show you  around, first.
2.    How to get there?
Hopping from campus-to-campus can get expensive and it took me a while to realize  it. So, in order to save money, take the Bentley Shuttle into Harvard Square and then take the T from there; this  way, you can avoid pricey cab fares. After you arrive at your first destination, consider how willing you and your friends will be to navigate the T system later in the night (especially if the schools you are hopping between aren’t within walking distance of each other). In some situations, opting to take a cab is the safest way to go (being lost in Boston isn’t exactly fun).
3.    Things to Consider
Before even going into the city or beginning your adventure-filled evening, make sure to plan your outing. Consider what time everyone wants to be back on campus, or if some group members want to stay at the schools you’re hopping between. Consider what modes of transportation you are planning to utilize (so everyone knows how much cash to bring). Make sure that everyone has their phone with them, and that it is charged, because getting separated from your friends on an unfamiliar campus is not fun.
My favorite campus to visit is MIT. I personally didn’t know any students, but my roommate has two friends there, that I have since gotten to know. As a nerd, there is something about being at MIT and with MIT students that seems so amazing.
Campus hopping also gives you the chance to see what you have in common with students majoring in all different fields.

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