Campus Celebrities: Women’s Basketball Team

The girls on the Bentley basketball team are arguably the most popular people on campus at the moment, and deservedly so – their hard work and dedication led them to a victory over West Texas A&M and a Division II national title just a short while ago. We sat down with senior Tyler Parker-Kimball and asked her about her journey this past year.

HC: What was the greatest moment on your journey?

TPK: Personally the greatest moment of the journey was seeing coach after the game. She is such an amazing person and although she wanted the championship so badly for us, we may have wanted it more for her. We are so happy we could give her this.

HC: If you could change anything from this past year what would it be?

TPK: I wouldn’t change a single thing about this past year. Even in times of adversity we all stuck together. We are a family. Maybe if I could I would rewind the clock and just to do every single thing the same way all over again.

HC: What would you say your biggest strength was as a team?

TPK: Our biggest strength in our team was the trust and confidence that we had in each other. I think during the minutes at the end of the final game a lot of people thought we had lost, except I can say for a fact I know every single person on the sidelines knew it was only a matter of time before we turned it around.

HC: What was it like seeing all the Bentley fans in Eerie?

TPK: Being in Eerie and seeing all the Bentley fans meant everything to all of us. It was just like being at home. We are so thankful to everyone who came all that way just to support us.

HC: Have people changed in their reactions towards you since the big W?

Everyone has been so supportive. People are going out of their way to say congratulations and it means a lot.

HC: What are your hopes for the team next year?

TPK: As a graduating senior my hope for next year’s team is that they believe in themselves and that they accept the roles they are going to step into. The players who are returning next year each had a role that was crucial to our success this past year. The team tested and challenged the starters every day in practice, which is going to show next year. I am so excited for next season – I’ll be arranging my grad classes around their games. They are all amazing teammates and people.

HC: What are you looking forward to the most at the end of the semester?

TPK: I cannot wait to go to the Bahamas! I have never really been on a vacation because I’ve always played basketball in the summer. I am so excited! Graduation will be surreal as well. Time really does fly by.

HC: Do you have any advice for incoming athletes?

TPK: Incoming athletes – I would say work hard and play hard. Cherish every moment because before you know it you'll be answering questions about your last season and giving the same advice to incoming athletes.