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You can’t truly call yourself a Bentley student until you’ve had a conversation lasting more than five minutes with everyone’s favorite Seasons swiper, Camille.   Whether she’s asking you about the weather or filling you in on her favorite Italian restaurant, Camille always has something to say and is definitely one of Bentley’s most memorable employees.

HC: What is your favorite meal at Seasons?

Camille’s favorite meal—as you might’ve guessed—is the annual Thanksgiving dinner.  She loves the array of ham, turkey, ravioli, mashed potatoes, and squash, not to mention the selection of pies.  Camille also loves the high attendance by the Bentley student body and does her best to remind each student.  “I don’t want anyone to forget to come!”

HC: What is your favorite part of working on a college campus?

The students.  Camille loves getting to know the students at Bentley and watching them grow over their time at Bentley.  Camille also says that she truly enjoys interacting with the students and talking to them every day.  In addition, she feels that being around so many young adults keeps her feeling energetic and youthful.

HC: What is your favorite and least favorite part of your job?

Camille’s favorite part of her job is talking to the students, especially when there isn’t a long line so they can stay and chat! (Although as we all know, this can create quite the line).  Her least favorite part of working at the Seasons desk is when the card-reader breaks or she is unable to take her break because of staff schedule problems. 

So collegiettes™, remember to take a couple minutes out of your day and say hi to the woman behind the desk—you never know what you could learn!

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