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Bring Back Doctor Shepard!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.


                  Thousands of angry “Grey’s Anatomy” fans are petitioning against Shonda Rhimes to bring back everyone’s favorite character “McDreamy” to the show.   After recently killing off Dr. Shepard in a horrific car crash, Shonda Rhimes has received her share of hate from the public on her decision. Thousands of fans are asking themselves, Why kill off another beloved character?

Rhimes has been known to create the biggest plot twists, from the plane crash, which killed beloved Mark Sloan and Lexi Grey, to the bus accident killing sweet George O’Malley. But fans are not reacting to this fictional death as smoothly as deaths in the past. As of Tuesday April 28th, over 80,000 people have signed the petition on change.com against Shonda Rhimes, Patrick Dempsey and ABC to bring back the character “McDreamy”. 

The topic currently is very heated and no word from any of the accused persons has been heard from. But, knowing “Grey’s Anatomy” fans, they will not rest until they get answers to this fictional death. How could anyone rest until they find the reason behind the death of their favorite blue eyed, perfect haired neuro surgeon? If you feel as strongly as everyone else about this decision, follow the link below to join the petition

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