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Bentley’s Cutest Pets: Top 10!


Help us find Bentley’s Cutest Pet! For a couple weeks now students and faculty have been submitting their pets to our contest and the turnout has been fantastic. After the first round of voting, which included over 140 pets, we have narrowed it down to our top 10. You can read about our top 10 in this article and there will be a link at the end to direct you to our voting page! Vote for your favorite the owner will win bragging rights of having Bentley’s Cutest Pet. If you missed out on this time around, keep an eye out for part 2! 


1.    Brandon MacEachern

“This is my pet fish, a Bentley Oak 402 resident. He is a beta fish that enjoys swimming in his SpongeBob like pineapple and eating his food. He dislikes when his tank is being cleaned because he has to leave his home, but is happy when the water is cleaner.”

2.    Molly Haswell

“This Kaylie and she is a nine years old. She is s golden retriever who loves to snuggle. No matter where she goes she is always carrying her blanket and favorite stuffed animal Snuffy.”


3.    Austin Sciafani

“This is Ty and he is the frattiest of cats. He enjoys attacking feet and playing with useless and uninteresting objects.”




4.    Bobbi-Lynn Anderson

“This is my dog Sophie and she is a miniature Australian Shepard. She is two and a half years old. A fun fact about her is that she has climbed 10 mountains with the tallest being 5,260 feet.”


5.    Jackie O’Dwyer

“This is my dog Joey.  He is an Akita who loves treats and snoozing, snoozing and treats.”


6.    Kaeleen O’Connor

“These are my dogs Maggie, Lilly, and Bailey. Maggie is a black lab that enjoys relaxing boat rides, Lilly is a golden retriever that dabbles in eating shoes, and Bailey is a chocolate lab that lives for fetching!”



7.    Rosalie Branton

“This is baby Bentley. Named after the school…but actually the car. She enjoys long walks on the beach, cuddling and licking the ice from your glass. She is the best.”


8.    Ashley Worrel

“This is Luna, a golden retriever who enjoys modeling, wine Wednesdays with her friends, and eating. She gets her workouts in by running on the treadmill.”


9.    Bianca Sacco

“This is Bosco. He is a Chocolate Lab and he is 4 months old.”


10. Andrea Crowley

“This is my pet Griffin and he is a golden retriever. His fun fact is that he got kicked out of his play-group.” 



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