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Bentley Maintenance and Sodexo Employees


Her Campus Bentley would like to give a huge THANK YOU to this week’s campus celebrity, all of the Bentley employees who helped dig out the school and who kept us fed in seasons during the Nemo blizzard!  These amazing employees worked around the clock (especially during the crucial part of the storm from Friday to Saturday) to ensure the safety of all students and other employees at Bentley.

We were able to talk to Ryan Gaffey, the Manager of Landscaping and Grounds to find out more information about what was accomplished during this massive storm.  Ryan informed us that there were fourteen people in the grounds crew who did not stop working from Friday morning until Saturday at 3pm, they then all came back to work for 12 hours straight on Sunday as well.  However, the work did not end as the weekend wrapped up.   These workers put in many hours of work the week after in order to clear all of the excess snow on campus, as well as helping students clear the snow away from their cars. 

Ryan would also like to acknowledge the facilities department and campus police who worked together in the seamless process of getting students to move their cars to safer areas, as well as Wagon Wheel Nurseries, Phil Mastriani Tree, and MAS who all contributed to clearing the campus of ice and snow so the campus could be officially opened by Monday.

We would also like everyone to take a look at this picture of the amazing Sodexo employees who worked during the blizzard to provide food for any student who trekked to Seasons for food!  Make sure to thank these amazing Bentley employees! We’re lucky to have them!


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