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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Major: Marketing with an LSM in Media, Arts, and Society; Double-Minor in Law and Politics

Class: 2021

Hometown: Carlisle, PA

Her Campus Bentley: What are you involved in on campus?

Amanda Shoemaker: I’m a part of the Swim team, the Debate Club, Her Campus, and RHA, for which I’m the President of the Slade Hall Council.

HCB: If you had to pick, which would you say is your favorite of those and why?

AS: I would have to say swimming; I’ve been swimming since I was 6 years old!

HCB: What events do you swim for the team?

AS: Distance freestyle—the 500 yard, 1,000 yard, and mile.


HCB: Being involved in so many amazing endeavors on campus, how do you stay on-track and organized with everything?

AS: It takes very good time management skills (check out my article!) and an emphasis on efficiency. Sometimes it comes at the cost of my social life—so prioritization is key.

HCB: Do you have any advice for someone in a similar position?

AS: Only do what you enjoy—if you find that you’re not enjoying any of the activities that you’re a part of, consider cutting back on your schedule. If you do want to continue with it all, stay organized and make sure you know when you have what.


HCB: What are some other things that you like to do for fun?

AS: I love reading, oil painting, and drawing.

HCB: Favorite book?

AS: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It provides a philosophical support of capitalism.

HCB: Do you ever have time to relax and watch Netflix?

AS: What’s Netflix?


HCB: Favorite spot on campus?

AS: The Honors Lounge—it’s quiet and peaceful.

HCB: Do you have any summer plans yet?

AS: I’ll be working for the Ocean City Beach Patrol in Ocean City, Maryland.

HCB: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

AS: Marketing for a large company—hopefully producing their commercials—and potentially getting into the political arena.

(Editor’s Note: she’s on track for world domination circa 2028)

Native New Yorker Brooke Camarda has had her eclectic share of jobs—from the runways of NYFW to the haunted hallways of NYZ Apocalypse. Commonly known by her alter ego of Wonder Woman, there's no task or adventure that the skydiving-enthusiast isn't willing to take on. She loves typography and cappuccinos almost as much as she loves her (very) big family, and is thrilled to be writing for Bentley University's chapter of Her Campus.