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This past Thursday, I was able to experience the Boston Ballet’s rendition of Carmen. It was truly spectacular, and I highly recommend going to see it if you can!

The Boston Ballet’s rendition took a more modern approach to the original story. For those not familiar with Carmen, it was originally a book written by Prosper Mérimée, translated into a famous opera by French composer Georges Bizet. The original story takes place in Seville and follows Carmen in her love triangle with the soldier Don José and the bullfighter Escamillo. The Boston Ballet’s rendition, however, takes place on a fashion runway. Don José is now a businessman, Escamillo is a Formula One racer, and Carmen is a supermodel. This retelling still follows the traditional plot of Carmen, but brings in themes from the 21st Century.

The dancing was, of course, unbelievable to watch. The talent that these dancers have is unbelievable. But personally, my favorite part was the lighting used in the performance. The different shadows cast across the stage created a different mood that helped me follow that plot. The sets and costumes were simple but stunning, and they help to set the scene for this modern take. The music stayed true to Georges Bizet’s original vision, while still having a fresh and relevant sound.

The performance opened with Kingdom of Shades, a scene from the ballet La Bayadère. It had a more classic feel, with stunning tutus and intricate sets. It featured a large corps de ballet piece, my favorite part from Kingdom of Shades, and it was gorgeously performed.The overall experience was amazing, and I highly recommend going to see it if you can!

If you are interested, you can get tickets here.

Katey Witz

Bentley '27

Katey is a Bentley University student originally from Saratoga, New York. She is on the E-board for the Bentley Her Campus Chapter. She plans on majoring in Marketing and loves graphic design. Katey loves writing about style, life, and wellness.