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A List of Things I Hate

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I am a definite culprit of always thinking my opinion is right. I am super passionate about certain things if I really like them – or in this case, really hate them. Here is a list of things I really hate and if you like these things, maybe you can change my mind!

  1. Olives: I swear these leave the worst taste in your mouth and make your breath smell horrible.
  2. Vivienne Westwood chokers: These are super burnt out and honestly, stupid looking. I swear people only buy them to look cool and then pair them with the worst outfits.
  3. Two-strap Birkenstocks: These are so out of style it’s not even funny.
  4. Skinny jeans: High school called, they want their pants back. I swear nothing feels worse than pulling on a pair of jeggings before catching the school bus when I was 15. I just associate these with such bad memories, you couldn’t catch me dead in them nowadays.
  5. Platform sneakers: I feel like these make any outfit look instantly less fashionable. The chunkiness of the sole just makes the outfit look cheap and clunky.
  6. Touch screen laptops: It’s so annoying when I go to wipe something off my screen and suddenly I’ve accidentally clicked something. I just find these totally unnecessary and a battery-drainer.
  7. Bras: Uncomfortable. Unflattering. Enough said. 
  8. Gucci belts: Everyone pairs these with the worst outfit and suddenly thinks they’re fitted up just because they have a Gucci belt on. News flash: throwing a giant GG on your waist doesn’t make your outfit good.
  9. Fitted caps: I just think normal baseball caps are so much more flattering on the face.
  10. Slow walkers: As someone who likes to book it from place to place, getting stuck behind a slow walker can feel like the most frustrating thing sometimes.
Hi everyone! My name is Banmai Huynh and I am from Chelmsford, MA. I'm a Corporate Finance and Accounting major at Bentley University in Waltham, MA and I’m the President of our Her Campus Chapter. I joined Her Campus because I think it's a great creative outlet for college students. I like writing about my personal experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks for reading!