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7 Reasons Every Girl Should Be Celebrating Galentine’s Day

Whether you are taken or single, everyone should be celebrating Galentine’s Day this year! If you don’t know, Galentine’s Day is a very special holiday created by the great Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. It takes place the day before Valentine’s Day, and its main purpose is to let women celebrate their friends!

1.      It is the perfect excuse to get all your favorite women together! 

2.       And to let your BFFs know how much they mean to you!

3.      Because these are the girls that have your back always! 

4.      It’s also the perfect excuse to drink as much pink and red wine as your hearts desire!  

5.       Also, there will be unlimited amounts of food, especially chocolate (and of course, waffles)!

6.       And you get the chance to give your friends some special gifts!

7.        And most importantly to TREAT YO SELF, because you and your besties deserve it!

And remember! 


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