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6 Ways to Decorate your Dorm Room for the Holidays

1.    Get a Christmas Tree

Since real trees aren’t allowed in the dorms, get a fake tree. If you can’t get to the store and are feeling crafty, you can make a tree out of washi tape or left over cardboard from your care packages.

2.    Decorate Your Door

When decorating your door you can do something as simple as just wrapping it with wrapping paper to something as involved as buddy the elf.

3.    Hang Stockings

Nothing screams Christmas more than Christmas stockings.


4.    Make Snowflakes

This is the easiest way to decorate your dorm room. There are many awesome snowflake patterns and tutorials online. You can also use old research papers and assignments, that you no longer need, to make the snowflakes.

5.    Hang Garland

From tinsel to paper chains, hanging garland is a great way to decorate for the holidays.

6.    Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a decorating staple for dorm rooms. Switch them up with colored lights or turn them into a Christmas tree to get a more festive feel during the holidays.











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