5 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving is this week and we all know what that means…

  1. We get to eat real food!!! (Sorry Seasons, you just don’t make the cut for the real food classification).

  2. It’s almost time to score some awesome Black Friday deals! Better start creating your plan of attack!

  3. It is officially the most wonderful time of the year! *Cue the Christmas music*

In a little over a month it will be Christmas Day! *Cue the sleigh bells.* During this joyful holiday season, it is important to take time to enjoy all of your favorite Christmastime activities… and even try some new ones!

However, as a college student this can be tough. With classes wrapping up and exams fast approaching, the last month or so of the semester can be stressful. Add the fact that you’re away from your family and are missing out on all of your favorite traditions, and the result may have you feeling like you’ll have a blue, blue, blue Christmas. But don’t worry! There are ways to overcome this feeling and still enjoy the magic of Christmas from your dorm room (or the library, in some cases).

I absolutely LOVE Christmas (and may or may not have started listening to Christmas music at midnight on Halloween), so I happen to have a few tricks up my sleeve to help spread the holiday cheer! Just follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be all set.

1. Search for (or create your own) Christmas music playlist on Spotify

All you have to do is type in “Christmas” and a lot of very festive playlists come up! Or you can use the following link to access the one I recently put together; click here for over four hours of the greatest holiday hits!

2. Turn your room into a Winter Wonderland

Decorating a dorm is pretty easy! All you really need is some inexpensive decorations from places like Target, Marshalls or Primark, and Command strips/hooks! Some popular decorations are:

  •           A sparkly garland
  •           A small wreath
  •           Battery operated lights
  •           A small Christmas tree and ornaments
  •           Wrapping paper to cover your door

3. Watch a Christmas movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime

Whether it’s a classic like White Christmas, a family favorite like Christmas with the Kranks, or an ABC Family original like the 12 Dates of Christmas, Christmas movies are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

4. Go holiday shopping

Shopping is always a fun activity, however it is even more fun during Christmastime. Not only do you get to shop for yourself, but you also get to find the perfect gifts for all your friends and family! AND YOU CAN BUY COOL CHRISTMAS THEMED STUFF. No, I don’t need more Christmas sweaters or socks… but will I buy more? You bet!

5. Attend a fun holiday-themed event in Boston

Tree lightings are a great way to get a dose of holiday spirit. Faneuil Hall’s annual tree lighting spectacular took place last weekend, but there are daily light shows! The Nova Scotia Tree lighting at the Boston Common is on December 1st at 8 PM as well. There are a lot of other holiday activities in Boston in addition—just check Facebook!

No matter how you get into the holiday spirit, just remember:

Cover photo/Dorm 1/ Keep Calm 2/Tree/Cheer