5 Things We Want Our Abroad Friends to Know

If you’re a junior at Bentley there’s a pretty good chance you’re studying abroad this semester. Here are a couple things those of us left here want you to know.

1. We’re Jealous

While you’re roaming the globe everywhere from London to Australia trying all this incredible food and drinks, seeing these amazing sights we’re over here eating seasons living vicariously through your Instagram.

2. We Hope You’re Having The Best Time

This is a once in a life time opportunity and we hope you’re having the time of your life! We hope that you’re living it up and can’t wait to hear about all your crazy stories.

3. Although We Fear For Your Life

The 3am messages we get of you saying you’re drunk in an alley in a foreign country can be scary for both of us. We want you to have the time of your life but we also want you to make it back alive to the states in one piece.

4. The Time Difference Affects Us Too

You may think a 6 hour time difference is hard for you but we feel it too. We’ve come accustomed to rolling over at 5am to answer messages or waking up early just to facetime.

5. We Miss You

We’re willing to lose sleep because we miss you that much. Although we’re happy you’re having fun we’re also counting down the days until you safely return back to the Bent.