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5 Relatable and Read-Worthy HC Article Topic Ideas That Will Keep Readers Engaged

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

If you’re a student at Bentley University seeking a creative outlet, chances are you’re already involved in our chapter of Her Campus. Writing articles for this platform is a wonderful way to express your opinions, share your experiences, and give lifestyle advice to fellow college students. But articles can be difficult to write sometimes. Lacking inspiration, having writer’s block, or not sure what articles readers will enjoy? Look no further – you came to the right spot!

Here are 5 Relatable and Read-Worthy HC Article Topic Ideas (You’re welcome)

  1. College-Life Balance Tips

Her Campus is specifically tailored to college students, so why not write about how to be one? Learning to balance school priorities with your well-being and social life isn’t the easiest task. Help your fellow college students navigate these waters by writing about self-care activities, time management skills, effective study tips, or how to set realistic and kind goals. Readers are sure to engage with these topics since they want to know how to simplify the daunting balancing act!

  •  Fashion, Food and Social Media Trends

As trends overflow our Instagram and Tik Tok feeds, with little time or effort, you can find relevant and highly relatable article inspo! From the latest trendy Fall fashion essentials to the latest celeb food recipe like Gigi Hadid’s infamous “Spicy Vodka Pasta” to the latest Tik Tok dance trend, there’s plenty of fun topics to write about! Build your likability as a writer by writing about everything and anything that goes “viral” to reach today’s Gen-Z audience.

  • Relationship Advice

Whether of romantic or friendly interest, we’re all in various relationships at this phase of life. There’s no secret that relationships with family, friends and significant others get complicated sometimes. Consider writing about how to compromise with a roommate, make new friends in college or how to better stay in touch with home friends and family members while on campus. Romantically speaking, don’t hold back either! Share relationship advice from personal experiences with boyfriends, girlfriends or exes to help readers through their challenging experiences. Doing so will show readers that they’re not alone and foster a space that is comfortable, entertaining and relatable.

  • Personal Experiences

Did you recently go to a concert, see a new movie in the theaters or begin your first corporate internship? Write an article about your experience! People love hearing stories just as much as writers love storytelling, so this is a sure-fire way to get your readers engaged. Share your highlights, lowlights, pros and cons from the experience to clue readers into the life of a dynamic college student.

  • Item and Entertainment Recommendations

There’s a lot out there for college students to consume. From TV shows and movies to new snack items, the options seem endless and can get overwhelming at times. Take one for the team and try out new skincare products, check out local restaurants, or binge the latest Netflix series and share your opinions via an HC article! Providing these insights will keep readers engaged in your writing as your recommendations will save them time and help them see what’s worth their time and what’s not.

Ok – now that you’re inspired, get writing and relating!

Anna Cestone

Bentley '24

I am a senior at Bentley University, majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communication major and minoring in Marketing. I'm the VP of our campus's chapter of Her Campus. Being more of a creative-type, my passions include storytelling, writing, photography, the beach, dogs, fashion, traveling and food!