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The 20 Hours of Spring Day Playlist

Spring day is almost upon us, and as with any event you’ll need the perfect playlist. In procrastination of studying for finals, I’ve taken on the task of creating the ultimate playlist that spans the 20-or-so hours of Spring Day (you’re welcome).


7 AM – Let Her Go – Jon Young

The fire alarm gets pulled and you hate your life because it’s 7 AM– there is really no other rational feeling for being awake at this time. Just grab your apple juice and start hydrating for the day! The best song here is something a little lowkey that will still pump you up. 


8 AM – Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce

DRUNK SEASONS!! That is pretty much all. You’ve gotta keep carb-loading because this is a marathon, not a sprint (this only applies to the 21+, everyone else stick to your apple juice). It’s 8 AM and you need something to keep you going, so who else but Beyonce? She’s perfect for any situation.


9 AM – Come Get Her – Rae Sremmurd

At this point, you should be pre-gaming the pregame. By now it’s time for you to really start feeling it, so we’ll mix in a little Rae Sremmurd so we can get #hyped for the concert later!


10 AM – Digital Dash – Drake

We are on a rap spree now; it’s all about getting pumped up for the next few hours. There is a while to go until the concert, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time before it starts! Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock will know the words to any type of Drake songs.


11 AM – Hood Go Crazy – Tech N9ne, 2Chainz, B.o.B.

By now, everyone is up and feeling themselves. It’s time to get ratchet at an unreasonable hour! If you’re going to get trashy for a little bit, this is really the song that should be playing. Shake your booty and start working off those wine calories that you’ll be racking in throughout the night.


12 PM – Confident – Demi Lovato

This is something to strut to around campus– you know you’re looking flyy (like a Falcon) (so sorry for the pun)! Going from room to room, you need to keep your chin up. Yes, there is jungle juice and a few other mysterious stains on your sneakers, but that is all irrelevant– it’s SPRING DAY!



1 PM – One Dance – Drake

You need a little background music while you and your friends are fighting about which pregame to go to. With only a few words and a good beat, this is the perfect background music to play as you’re screaming into your phone trying to find out how the heck you lost your best friend on the walk back from Seasons.


2 PM – Back to Sleep – Chris Brown

It’s time to take a nap! You’ve still got the concert and the frat parties to get to after, so take a minute to rest and catch up on the sleep you missed out on this morning. You’ll need it in order to be physically able to make an appearance at the frats tonight!


3 PM – 679 – Fetty Wap

This is the kind of song that will wake you back up after your nap. It’s time for you to go again– RALLY, RALLY, RALLY!! Fetty Wap will get even the heaviest sleeper up and ready to go.


4 PM – Fight Song – Rachel Platten

At this point, it’s all about the rally. You’ve been up since 7 AM and it’s all starting to hit you. You need to power through and get ready for The Chainsmokers later on!


5 PM – Five More Hours – Deorro x Chris Brown

The title speaks for itself. GET READY FOR THE CHIANSMOKERS!!


6 PM – You’re So Beautiful – Empire Cast

We are now at the point in the night when we are all falling over our friends and telling them how much we love each other. Don’t deny it; we all do it. Just accept it and move on. So why not sing your love to your best friend instead of telling them?? …Exactly, you have nothing to lose (except your ID).


7 PM – Break a Sweat – Becky G

You have to be as pumped as possible right now. You’re about to go to a concert and be surrounded by fellow #Falcons!! This song will get you pumped up to break a sweat on the dance floor! LET’S FALCON LOSE IT!



You should really be at the concert at this point, but if you weren’t able to make it, make your own concert in your dorm room! Blast the Chainsmokers and have your roommate flick the lights on and off– it’s pretty much the same thing, right?


12 AM – Real Love (Chainsmokers Remix) – Clean Bandit

We’ll all have post-concert depression, and the only way to fix that is a little more of the artist that you just saw live. Plus the amazing beat of this song will help you rally in the Uber on the way to wherever you are going after!


1 AM – He Could be the One – Hannah Montana

Things get weird around 1 AM. The concert is over, and somehow people just end up singing throwbacks. Don’t ask me how this happens, but really, it’s pretty much a tradition. Hannah Montana, JoJo, maybe even a little Aaron Carter? Who knows! At this point in the night, almost anything can happen. 


2 AM – No Pressure – Justin Bieber

“Nothing good happens after 2 AM.” Seriously, take the advice from How I Met Your Mother seriously.

…No, I’m not kidding. Go to bed. But if you’re still alive and on your feet, then a little Justin Bieber is what you’ll need.


3 AM  If you are still going at this point, just know that you have my utmost respect. It takes skill to be awake for almost 24 hours! I’m not even going to give you a song at this point, as you really need some rest and recouperation.


RIP to all of us, and long live Spring Day!!

I'm a sucker for J.Crew, puppies and anything involving carbs. 
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