15 of the Best Yet Underrated Moments of “Parks and Rec”


Any episode that includes Donna and Tom going on a Treat Yo Self spree promises a good time.


2.)  Tom’s Divorce Horse


3.)  “Snake Juice is basically rat poison.”


4.)  Ron Swanson’s timeless advice


5.)  Ron’s confidence in his knowledge of hardware


6.)  When Ron accidentally got too into the shoe shine


7.)  When Andy was all of us—just trying to thrive and survive


8.)  Leslie getting too into the insults


9.)  Ron trying and failing to eat a banana


10.)  The day Ron had 94 meetings


11.)  Ron refusing to go to the hospital when he had a hernia


12.)  Donna being a boss


13.)  When Craig was all of us


14.)  When things got a little hairy after the Snake Juice debacle


15.)  When Ron faked pulling his tooth to freak everyone out



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