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11 Things that Happen When You Visit Your Friend’s School

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Every now and then we all need to get off of campus. What better way to do so than visiting your best friend’s school. You probably have had severe FOMO every time she has told you a crazy story or posted a picture with a new friend. Here are the 11 things that happen when you visit your friend’s school.

1.     You pack your entire closet because a) you never know what is going to happen and b) you need to have options.

2.     You take any transportation necessary to get there.

3.     Arriving on a campus that isn’t Bentley.

4.     An introduction to your friend’s friends is unnecessary because let’s face it, you already follow them on Instagram

5.     Every phase of the night is documented via your Snapchat story complete with the college’s geotag filter

6.     You insist on taking a trip to the book store to pick up a souvenir because you “really” do need another t-shirt.

7.     You are exhausted from your travels but you rally to go out at an unusually late hour.

8.     You find yourself saying this to everyone, “I don’t even go here”.

9.     Becoming BFFS with your BFF’s BFFS.

10.  Facing the reality of leaving your friend the next day.

11.  Arriving back to Bentley which feels even more like home.

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