10 Rookie Mistakes Bentley Freshmen Make

1.    Bringing your GB 112 textbook to class the first day.

Every freshman thinks they will need the textbook that weighs more than a small human for their first class. This is not only false, but it will leave you sweating bullets up the Smith stairs.

2.    Not knowing how to open your mailbox.

It gets pretty awkward when you walk into the mailroom and then totally fail at unlocking your mailbox. Those print out directions shockingly are not as helpful as one would hope. But let’s be honest, it happens to everyone.

3.    Being confused on how to order an omelette in Seasons from Miguel.

Getting breakfast really should not be quite the challenge, but the line just becomes intimidating because nothing screams freshman more than not knowing how to order an omelette.

4.    Not knowing what Lewis Hall is OR how to get there.

What is this mysterious place you speak of?

5.    Spending your discretionary too fast.

With $350 in discretionary as the semester starts, you can’t help but feeling like a big spender. But trust me, you aren’t.

6.    Wearing white to a frat party.

Wear white and no amount of bleach can get those stains out. R.I.P your bright whites.

7.    Not taking your stuff out of the washers/dryers soon enough.

It’s a dog eat dog world and college freshman are ruthless when it comes to the laundry room. If you don’t claim your stuff, trust me SOMEONE will remove it.

8.    Pushing the pull door going into Einstein’s

When it comes to this door, our head says “push” but our hearts scream “pull.” People (especially freshman) just can’t help it. But let’s be real, it’s pretty funny when we see someone #struggling.

9.    Thinking you’ll get on the shuttle to Harvard Square if you wait at the Trees stop

No. Just no. The shuttle gets packed and especially if you have a large group… you most likely will not be getting a seat.

10. Forgetting EVERYONE’S name

Face it. Freshman year is mostly about meeting new people and with that comes A LOT of new names. Although forgetting someone’s name can be major awkward, (for the most part) people understand.




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