Is Woodstock 2019 Going to be a Success?

Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary concert has a lot riding on it. With the original being such a monumental part of music history, the fact that it has been 50 years is mind-blowing. Michael Lang, the original founder, is throwing his own bash in Watkins Glen, New York. At the original location, the Bethel Center of the Arts is throwing another celebration. In Bethel, acts such as Ringo Star and Santana. In Watkins Glen, Miley Cyrus, The Killers, and Dead & Co. are on the ticket.

Tickets are between $100-$200 for the show in Bethel, while the tickets for Watkins Glen have not gone on sale yet. They were supposed to go on sale on Earth Day, but the for-sale date was postponed due to the contracts and booking within the venue.

So, with the show being just about four months away, is there a possibility of a flop? Absolutely. 2019 is a completely different world compared to 1969. Woodstock 1969 cost under $20, camping was free, and the number of people that went caused a massive standstill on the roadway leading up to it.

In 2019, security is a massive issue, social media causes crazes where information can travel across the globe instantly, and festivals are the new “hip” trend to partake in. 2019 Woodstock is going to have a lot of people wanting to attend. Although 1969 had a massive crowd, with online ticket sellers and bots, 2019 is going to be ridiculously expensive.

One of my close friends, who I intend on attending Woodstock with in August, has a plan to buy two tickets and to resell one of them, to make a profit. While this is super smart, there are going to be plenty of people who do this. I’m personally scared that I’m going to miss this initial sale and have to spend over $350 on my ticket.

Another concern of mine is how the festival is going to flow considering that the Black Keys have already backed out due to a scheduling conflict, and the ticket sales have been rescheduled to an unannounced date. How well is this all going to go, considering the massive expectations of the public to this festival? It is going to take place at the Watkins Glen Speedway, and although I am unsure about how they are planning on accommodating so many people, it will hopefully work out.

Overall, I am sure everything will be great within Woodstock 2019, but the uncertainties leading up to it can become a bit discouraging. How amazing would it be to witness history firsthand? I am hoping for the best, but it can be a bit hard with the number of inconsistencies that have been presented.  

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