What Not to Say to College Students

This article is less for you college students alike and more so for those hometown Facebook friends who will so gleefully click on the link you’ve shared because they’re feeling nostalgic of their own college days. This article is meant to save all of us college ladies from the dreaded questions we’re asked and things said to us by everyone and their grandmother when we return home for a quick break:

“I heard Nashville is a party city! Have you been doing a lot of line dancing at the Honky Tonks?!”

This one always makes me laugh. Nashville is so much more than its stereotypical country side! Seriously, I’ve only ever seen this Nashville on Broadway. And for the record, yes, line dancing is very fun and is a common pastime of Belmont students. Just please don’t picture me wearing a cowgirl hat and boots to class every day because that is such a skewed view of our city. 

“But do you really like being that far from home? Don’t you wish you could just come home some weekends?”

Yes and yes!!!!!! Obviously being far from home is incredibly difficult. Moving far from home is a hard transition at any stage in life. I can’t even express how often I want to drop everything, hop on a flight and go home to see all my friends, family, dogs, and the views of my hometown I totally took for granted over my 18 years living there. But I chose to be far from home, and specifically in Nashville, for some great reasons. The opportunities here are exceptional and rewarding and figuring out this city has led my friends and I to grow closer to one another and grow as women ourselves.

“Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”

Let me start by saying, if I’ve found a boyfriend, I wouldn’t be keeping that a secret. From anyone. Nor would most college students who’ve found a SO. Seriously, I’ll let you know if the answer to this is ever “yes" when the time comes and, for now, I'll keep sipping my Chick-Fil-A cookies and cream milkshake. 

“Your college days will be the best days of your life!”

Whoooooaaaaa. Yes, college is awesome. I’ve already had so many life-changing and memorable experiences here, met many amazing lifelong friends and learned so much through school. But that is a lot of pressure! Let’s pump the breaks and look forward to our college experiences but know that we have a lot of really exciting, new experiences to happen post college! 

I know that many from our hometowns may say these things out of love and concern for our wellbeing, but I hope this article allows you to find comfort in the fact that you’re definitely not alone in the fact that some of these things get on your nerves! We’re all hardworking college humans and “break” should truly serve as a break. So answer these questions appropriately, know that they come from a place of love, and enjoy your time home!

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