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Wardrobe Staples for a College Girl

College is all about finding your sense of self and a lot of that is expressed through the way you dress. But it’s important to have staples in your wardrobe that you can mix and match to make an effortlessly cute outfit. Here’s a list of staples that can all be tailored to fit your unique style!


Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the cool kid in your closet. Who doesn’t feel like they could take on the world in a leather jacket? Aside from feeling like you’re immediately cooler, these jackets are super functional and you can find one to fit your style. Leather jackets come in all shapes and sizes, some have fringe, some have studs, and some even have ribbing- the possibilities are endless!

Skinny Jeans

The pros of this one should be a given. but what you may want to think about is getting a dark wash skinny that is free of any rips in them, you may need them if you land an internship. 


Slip-on Shoes 

Slip-on shoes (like Vans etc.) are perfect for those days when you wake up late and have to rush out the door. Who want’s to bother with shoe strings anyway? 

Blue Jean Jacket 

Blue jean jackets are essential for that transition between fall and winter or for the transition between winter and spring. It’s nice to have a jacket that can do it all and still look stylish. Denim on denim is even allowed now, who knew?


White T-shirt 

The versatility of a white t-shirt should speak for itself but in case you don’t know- a white t-shirt is the ultimate staple piece in any wardrobe. Find one you love and order 5 more of the same one. 



Somedays you don’t feel like wearing real pants. That’s where leggings come in. Bonus if you find some leggings with compression that function as real pants. 

Combat Boots 

Nothing like a pair of combat boots to make you feel like you can march in and ace that bio test. Combat boots come in lots of styles too so you can find a pair you like and stick with them, they last forever usually. 



You likely do a lot of walking in college, flats are the super versatile unsung heroes of fashion. A good pair of flats can keep you on your feet all day and can transition from school to work super easily. 


Cardigan or Flannel 

Either of these two items can be chosen to fit your style and aesthetic and they are both great for layering on days when it’s in that awkward stage between chilly and warm. 


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Madeline is a senior at Belmont University in Nashville and a lifelong Tennessean. She is majoring in Entertainment Industry Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She loves binge watching dramas on Netflix, going to Predators games, and spending time with family and friends.
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