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Twenty Movies to Watch in Your Twenties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Belmont chapter.

1. Steel Magnolias

Starring Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, and Sally Field, this movie centers around six southern belles and the friendships they make. This is an old one, but definitely a classic! I have never laughed so hard in any other movie. 

2.13 Going on 30

Most people have probably seen this, but I felt like it needed to be on this list. Jennifer Garner plays a grown-up Jenna after making a wish at a party. The story follows her career and love life as a 30-year-old. 

3. She’s the Man

Amanda Bynes plays the main character in this movie based on a Shakespeare play. Her character, Viola, goes to boarding school disguised as her twin brother to play soccer and beat her old school’s team. If you want a girl power movie, this one is definitely for you. 

4. Definitely Maybe 

Who could resist Ryan Reynolds? In this film, he tells his daughter the story of how he and his wife met…except he changes all the names of the people in his story and makes her guess how he met her mother. It’s super cute and also fun to try and guess who the mother is with your friends. 

5. The Fundamentals of Caring 

This is a Netflix original, and was pretty popular when it first came out. It has very dry humor and centers around a caregiver who meets a boy named Trevor and takes him across the country on a road trip to see all the roadside tourist traps that most people drive past. It will make you laugh and also motivate you to go on an adventure. 

6. Dumplin’

This is also a Netflix original, although this one is more recent. It’s about a girl who lives in Texas with her mother who is a beauty pageant star. The main character, Willa Dean, enrolls in the beauty pageant against the advice of her mother. This movie is also a girl power movie, and I highly recommend it. 

7. Before We Go 

This indie romantic drama will put you in your feelings real quick. Chris Evans directed and starred in this film, alongside Alice Eve. Eve’s character misses her train, and Chris Evans attempts to help her make it home. 

8. Sing Street

This coming of age film is set in Dublin in the 80’s. A young boy meets a beautiful girl and creates a band to impress her. Filled with music and romance, this movie will lift you out of any funk you’re in. 

9. Dead Poets Society 

Set in Vermont at a prestigious boarding school, this movie follows a group of boys and their favorite teacher played by Robin Williams. This 80’s drama is a classic and is definitely a must watch. 

10. Inside Out 

Yes, this movie is animated but that doesn’t lessen its quality! This movie discusses emotions and memories and growing up. Everyone needs to see this film at least once! 

11. Crazy Rich Asians 

This movie is extremely popular, and for good reason. It has humor, drama, romance, and so much more. With the first majority Asian American cast produced by a major Hollywood studio since 1993, this movie made history when it was released in August 2018. 

12. The Princess Bride 

Another classic movie, this is a film that I quote often. It has so many memorable moments and is definitely another must see! This movie tells the story of Buttercup and how she is saved from becoming a princess. 

13. The Devil Wears Prada

Starring Anne Hathaway, this movie is based off a best-selling novel. Set in New York, this film follows the story of a newly graduated college student who becomes the second assistant to a powerful female executive of a popular fashion magazine. 

14. Pride and Prejudice 

Every girl wants to find her Mr. Darcy, right? Kiera Knightley stars in this film based off the classic Jane Austen novel. Filled with playfulness, the plot revolves around marrying for love as opposed to purely for money. 

15. Legally Blonde 

There is no better word to use to describe this movie than iconic. Elle Woods is the epitome of confidence and girl power. This is another movie that will pull you out of any funk you’re in and leave you with a smile on your face. 

16. The Help

Another movie based off a fantastic book, The Help is set in the south in the 1960’s and stars Emma Stone in the role of Skeeter, an author. She begins to write a book, telling the stories of African American maids and their viewpoints on the white families which they work for and the difficulties they face. 

17. About Time 

This British film follows its main character, Tim, who discovers that he can time travel at the age of 21 and uses his newfound talent to get himself a girlfriend. However, this doesn’t go quite as he planned it; Tim uses his abilities to go back and fix the mistakes he has made. 

18. Wonder

A recent release, Wonder is a movie that will pull at your heartstrings. Filled with a balance of funny and serious, Wonder will make you laugh and cry. It is also a movie that will leave you thinking, causing yourself to look at the way you treat people. 

19. The Proposal 

Sandra Bullock is a queen of comedy, and that shines through in this film. A successful editor at a top firm in New York, she fakes an engagement with her assistant to avoid being deported, leading to a weekend trip to Alaska. 

20. Meet the Robinson’s 

Another animated film, Meet the Robinson’s is a futuristic film that will make you laugh. Like Wonder, it will also leave you taking a second look at the way you treat people. 

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Rachelle is a junior at Belmont University. She is studying music therapy and has a minor in psychology and hopes to work in hospice someday. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, learning new musical instruments, and spending time with friends.