Tired of your College Routine?

College often feels like some of the best years of life, but sometimes the routine of school can make it feel pretty dull and exhausting. Luckily, changing up your go to activities can make all the difference. Here are five ideas of new and exciting things to do in college to break up a boring routine! 


  1. Have a picnic! While this idea may seem pretty typical, it is a super simple way to have fun and branch out from a college routine. All you need for this option is a couple of friends, some blankets, a pizza and some good music. 
  2. Go to a museum! Forget everything you know about museums. Go with an open mind, get inspired and take some killer Instagram's while you're at it. Challenge yourself to learn something new and you might find that you enjoy museums a little more than you thought you would. 
  3. Day trip! Sometimes, being on campus constantly can make it seem as if you're living in a college bubble. A day trip is the perfect way to branch out and find somewhere new. Take an hour to research somewhere cool to go, or simply drive until you find somewhere that interests you. The world is much bigger than the distance from your dorm to the curb cafe, so go out and explore it. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll find your own favorite little place. 
  4. Take a hike! Literally. Nashville has some amazing hiking spots, so if you need a new way to workout and have a little fun as well, look no further. 
  5. Try something new! Instead of going to your favorite coffee shop, clothing store or restaurant, try to branch out and pick something new. You never know if it'll become your new favorite and it's a fail proof way to add some excitement into your college routine. 

When college routine is bringing you down, try some of these ideas to add some fun and variety into your life in no time!

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