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Taylor, Swifties Want to Know: Why?

So I’m sure by now we have all heard Taylor’s new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and if you haven’t you aren’t missing out on much. The heavy pop single dropped August 24th and got some heated reactions from fans, including myself. The dramatic track has no definite musical theme and is as scattered as Taylor’s appearances have been since the end of the ‘1989’ era. Since its release fans have defended and trashed the “new Taylor” equally, and Taylor herself has killed the girl she used to be. This caused buzz with the music video that followed the single’s release.

So here’s what’s up Taylor, some of us Swifties don’t get it. We have followed you through every genre, style, look, relationship, drama, album and so much more. As fans of yours, we love and cherish the you that we grew up with. I know I’m not alone in the mourning of the Taylor we all used to know. From our elementary school ‘Fearless’ days to crying on the floor to ‘Last Kiss’ when the boy you loved broke your heart. We screamed ‘Long Live’ with you through every year, and respected your hiatus and waited patiently for you to return and blow our minds, and oh boy you did. Some of us were dramatically let down by the dismissal of the Taylor era’s that have shaped us all into the woman we are today, and the albums that were with us in the highs and lows of our adolescent years.


We get it, everyone changes in life and changes who they want to be but that should come with nostalgia and respect from the years of your past you have grown from.

So from every Swiftie a little rattled by the start of this new era we want to remind you that we’ve loved you through it all and will continue to even if that means allowing you to disconnect from the country sweetheart we all knew and loved. Because we all still love the version of Taylor you have chosen to be in every season of your life.

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