Spotify Sessions: Victoria Pan

Name: Victoria Pan

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Year: 2nd semester senior

Major/Minor: English major, French and Legal Studies double-minor

Role at Her Campus: Senior Editor

What is your favorite genre: Indie

What types of songs are on your top 20 list?

I tend to veer between moody, atmospheric rock that sounds like you should be listening in the rain ("The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness" by the National) or metallic-y, fast-paced indie pop ("Chit Chat" by Beach Weather is the better version of "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees, take my word for it.) I love songs I can easily imagine setting a scene to.

How have your music tastes changed over the years?

Growing up, my parents never actually listened to the radio, so the way I figured out what kind of music I was into was through movie and tv show soundtracks (when they sample from other artists, instead of having a composed original soundtrack). Funny story: I actually got into Florence + the Machine by way of this old spy show called Nikita that the CW used to run (I think it's on Netflix.) The main couple had their first real make-out to "Cosmic Love," and the rest was history. I still love some F+TM, but I definitely branched more into progressive/alternative rock after that. Right now, because I'm watching The Americans, I'm really into '80s-inspired pop/rock.

Describe the best concert that you’ve ever been to:

I actually have never been to a "real" concert! I have, however, bought tickets to Hozier's concert on March 24th, so I'm really excited to go to that.

What do you listen to when you drive?

Usually, I just put on my "Liked from Radio" list from Spotify – I have Spotify Premium because I'm that kind of person who finds a new song and needs to listen to it 80 more times. But I also love songs I can sing along to – that's what driving's for.

What do you like to listen to when you study?

I tend to use music to keep me awake and focused when I study, so I prefer higher-energy songs, even if I'm reading. Yes, I am one of those weird people that has no problem listening to music with lyrics and working at the same time. Weirdly, listening to instrumental soundtracks has the opposite effect on me – I start thinking about how much I love whatever the soundtrack is to.

What was the first concert you remember going to?

Well, I was at this past year's Pilgrimage Fest just before it got canceled due to weather, if that counts, but I didn't purposefully attend any of the concerts there because I was waiting for a specific artist to start performing.

If you could meet any artist for coffee, who would it be and why?

I've just tentatively started listening to Mitski, which is weird because her stuff's not my usual thing, but she just seems like a cool, thoughtful person, and I love her performance of "Nobody" for Genius. Plus, we're both Libras!

What upcoming album/new release/new band has you excited?  

Other than Hozier's upcoming new album? I hear Nothing But Thieves might have something new up their sleeve, but nothing's for sure.

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