Say Hello to Your New Lifehack: Shower Crayons

Let’s just put this out there: I love showers. I really do. I know you’re not supposed to shower every day, but I do! Or, at least I try to. 

Let’s also put this out there: sometimes… you’re just… too busy to shower. When your choices are shower and then pull an all-nighter, or just not shower and keep on working on that paper that’s due at midnight and then all your other assignments due tomorrow morning … I mean, come on. 

I used to be caught in this same crisis, and I always guiltily picked the shower and ended up shampooing my hair while wishing showers could somehow be productive. Or, I would have a super awesome idea in the shower for my latest project or paper and completely forget it by the time I was fully dressed. 

Yes, I do know that I have serial killer handwriting. Thank you. 


Enter my latest hero, my true love, to whom I dedicate all my essays: the shower crayon. 

A quick break-down: 

  • You write what you’re thinking on your shower wall. 
  • Plan papers. Write songs. I have a friend who listens to assigned books on audiotape while she showers and takes notes. 
  • I don’t care. Do your thing. 
  • Take a pic when you get out using your phone (a pic of the wall… not yourself… unless that’s your thing.) 
  • Wipe off the writing with a paper towel, some toilet paper, your hand … you get the point. No residue!  
  • Amazon sells them. On Prime. $11.50 for 10 crayons and a newly freed life. 
  • (Don’t get markers because they don’t work.)   
  • Put your conditioner in before you start scribbling away, rinse out when you’re done. Boom. Soft hair and completely outlined essays.
  • You’re welcome

Okay, stop judging. It doesn't have to be comprehensible to other people, just to you.  


Listen, I’m sure there are thinkpieces out there by some fancy-pants journalist who thinks it’s problematic to be forcing productivity into time that’s usually for yourself to decompress. But they’re not in college trying to juggle an academic, professional and social life like you and I are.  

Enjoy your newly productive showers! 

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