Rising Star: Talia Stewart

Talia Stewart is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter out of Nashville. Along with her busy music career, she is a full-time student, studying Entertainment Industry Studies here at Belmont. Her Campus Belmont interviewed her nearly 2 years ago and I had the chance to follow up with her and check in on her career. 


It’s been almost two years since you interviewed with us, can you catch us up on what you’ve been up to?

When I talked to you guys last time I’d just released Sin, which was my self-produced EP. Sin was pulled a year ago and I just released two singles, Secondhand and Throw it my Way, with music videos. Those two tracks are from my upcoming EP called Vices and Virtues. 


Your music career must be keeping you busy, have you been playing many shows?  

Yeah, I’ve got an entirely new band and they’re great. My favorite place I’ve played recently was the High Watt. I also just played Marathon Music Works with a bunch of other Belmont bands for a Best Buddies event.

What was the writing process for your two new songs, Secondhand and Throw it my Way?  

I write all my own stuff, I have way too much of a control complex to let someone else do it. My inspiration is just my life. Secondhand is about my ex. Throw it my Way is also based on a personal experience. When I was applying for college I auditioned for vocals to eight schools, every single one rejected me. Even Belmont. It proved to me that this was what I was meant to do, no matter how many nos I got from schools. 


What was it like shooting the music videos? 

It was great, I directed both and they are the epitome of low budget. We had no crew or anything but for what they were they turned out great. 

Throw it My Way was used in an episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, how did that come about? 

I have family in LA that works in the film business. He got my song featured in the show and got my collaboration with Bardo called Déjame featured in the Flash. I’d love to get a title track or something one day but it was cool because I got to figure out how sync licensing works. 


What’s next for you and your music? 

The EP is big. It’s going to be seven tracks but one of them is an intro/prelude that incorporates some jazz elements. The album is pop, but not bubblegum. It’s a darker pop. It’s me, it’s what I’ve been hearing in my head, which I’m excited for. Writing the whole EP was really cathartic and has helped me process things. A lot has happened to me since I released my first EP. It’s been a two-year process, I’ve been writing and producing it since Sin was released. Vices and Virtues is going to be released in early November. I’ll also be releasing music videos for every track, I’m so visual and love that process of conceptualizing each song. Each one will be themed and they’ll all tie into one another. I’ve realized that if I’m not creating, I’m just not happy. It’ll be a lot of work but I think it’ll be fun. I’m also planning on touring this spring as soon as I graduate. I think I’ll move back to LA because that’s where my base is. My entire team is there but I’ll probably come back to Nashville a lot. 

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