Navigating a New City

Whether you're moving cities for college or a new job, there's always an adjustment period. Having moved from Atlanta to Nashville to start school I learned a few tricks along the way that will help anyone who's about to relocate! 

Follow Local Bloggers

You can learn all the best spots for food and for pictures just by following some of the lifestyle bloggers that live in your city. Other good accounts to follow on Instagram are food accounts. You will likely find some of your favorite restaurants this way and a lot of times they even have local bloggers featured on their page. 


Create Regular Spots

Once you find those places that you love, like a favorite coffee shop or local clothing store, you can start to make them a part of your routine. By doing this you can meet other regulars and find connections that already have something in common with you. This is also great for getting to know employees or managers, which could lead to discounts at your favorite places or even a good place to apply to work at some point. 


Ask About Internships

If you're moving for college then chances are you may also be on the lookout for internship opportunities. Depending on your area of interest and major there could be some great local businesses that are looking for interns. I am able to intern at one of my favorite concert venues in Nashville and now get to go to all my favorite shows for free! Don't be afraid to ask around at your favorite places if they need help. It's a great way to start to make business connections and find personal friendships as well. 

Try One New Thing a Month

It's easy to get caught up in a routine or schedule and just stick to your favorite spots. When you move to a new city you should try to experience as much of it as possible without going completely broke! I suggest setting a goal of trying to visit one new place a month. That could be a local park, a new concert venue, a different restaurant or any exciting adventure you're able to find.  Inviting friends along or even someone new is a good way to get to know the new city you now call home. 

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