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Growing up, most of us have all seen the classic Disney film Mary Poppins, based on the book series of the same name by Pamela Lyndon Travers. Julie Andrews plays the titular magical nanny, Mary Poppins. Dick Van Dyke plays the lovable chimney sweep named Bert. David Tomlinson plays the strict father, Mr. George W. Banks. Karen Dotrice plays his daughter, Jane, while Matthew Garber plays his son, Micheal. Mary Poppins comes into the Banks family to fix the family and their relationships.

Now there’s a new Mary Poppins film fifty-four years later from its original classic, starring Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins. Lin-Manuel Miranda, recognizable from the Broadway musical Hamilton, takes on a new role as Jack, a lamplighter. Ben Whishaw plays the now grown Michael Banks while Emily Mortimer plays an adult Jane. Also in this cast is the amazing Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, the Disney classic queen Angela Lansbury, and the ever-dancing Dick Van Dyke.

After having seen this film, I can say that Mary Poppins fans and new film fans should go see this film. It has fun music that combines the classic music and score that we all know with a nuance that keeps us guessing about what happens next. It seems that Mary Poppins still has that spark that made us fall in love with her the first time! I’m not going to spoil it for you, so you have to go see it for yourself.

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I'm a Senior Motion Pictures Major Video Production Minor from Belmont University. I'm also the President of SPEW at BU (The Harry Potter Alliance), the Initiation Committee for Omicron Delta Kappa, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and a member of Board Game Society. I'm also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I love to read, paint, and dance. I'm creative, determined, and excited!!!