Jane the Virgin is Back and I'm Here For It

WARNING: this contains spoilers!!! 

I was really excited for Jane the Virgin to come back because I had to know who JR shot and why Michael was back from the dead. The final season premiere definitely did not disappoint. I wasn’t that shocked about who JR shot when she was trying to save Petra, but I was shocked that Michael had amnesia and didn’t remember Jane at all.

Also shocking was the fact that he now hates spending time with Jane and is now attracted to Petra. Oh, and he goes by Jason now since Rose kidnapped him, gave him electric shock therapy to erase his memory, and brought him to Montana. Although I am personally on team Rafael, so maybe Jason not enjoying Jane’s company is a good thing. 

Jane seemed to be put back at square one when she had to choose between Michael or Rafael, however this time she isn’t pregnant, and Michael isn’t fighting for her. At the end of season three, Rafael was planning to propose, but they left us on a cliffhanger when they showed that Michael (Jason—honestly this is confusing, and I don’t know what to call him) was back from the dead. Rafael didn’t propose and still hasn’t, but he and Jane did decide to move in to his apartment together. 

Gina Rodriguez is an amazing actress, and her monologue to Xiomara and Alba about Michael/Jason being back made me laugh and cry. I can tell this season is going to be a good one, and although I’m sad that this show is ending, I’m excited to see what happens next!

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