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How to Cope with Missing your Hometown Friends

At this point in the semester, you may have a few dates lined up for traveling back home. While being home can be one of the best feelings, it can still be hard hanging out in your hometown without hanging out in your hometown with your best, childhood friends. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re missing your friends: 

1. Your friends from home will love your new friends, because they’re all probably pretty similar!

You couldn’t have changed that drastically when you moved to college, so you’re probably associating yourself with the same types of people. Your new friends most likely do things that have you constantly saying things like “Hey, that reminds me of my friend so-and-so who always used to make that face/say that phrase.” Your friends, new and old, probably have similar interests to you in terms of TV shows, tastes in music, and hobbies. Once that moment comes where your two worlds of friends collide, you’re in for a pretty fun get-together.

2. Your hometown friends are living new, fun lives too!

You most likely were not the only one to leave your hometown when you went to college. Whether your pals chose college, work, or travel, everyone else’s lives changed after high school too. As hard as the distance can be, this is a great opportunity for all your besties (and you, too!) to flourish, which is all you could want for the people you love. Think of this as a necessary and rewarding time in all your lives that is really only benefiting you and your friends! 


3. Being far away now will make your long-awaited reunion so, so sweet!

They always say, “you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone,” and how true that can be! All the little things your friends from home used to do for you, with you, the things they’d say, and their senses of humor may have been taken for granted after spending four long years together in high school (or maybe longer!). As soon as your hometown squad is back together, you’ll be able to fully appreciate every one of those little things about your friends and really love them more now after being away from them for so long. It can be hard not seeing the people you used to see every single day as often as you used to. But this just means the time you spend away from your besties during college gives you plenty of time to plan the perfect reunion, and gives you a lot of time to get excited for that, too.


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