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With Halloween just around the corner, I bet everyone’s ready to get in the spooky spirit or even just ready to celebrate the holidays early! With midterms come and gone, maybe you even have some time to take a day’s trip out somewhere to relax and have fun. Recently I went on an overnight trip to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. That’s right, there is a location called Santa Claus!  It’s about two and a half hours north of Belmont.

Right now, they’re celebrating their Halloween Weekends, which go until October 28th. There’s acres of corn mazes and hayrides. You will definitely need a map for the corn maze because of just how big it is. There are a few haunted houses and even a 3D Halloween Adventure in the Holiday Theatre, which I would 100 percent recommend going through. Because this is a holiday themed park, there is a Halloween section year-round. There, you can ride The Legend and The Raven if you love roller coasters. You can ride the Frightful Falls if you’re not afraid to get wet. If neither of those rides suit you, then you can try HallowSwings and the Scarecrow Scrambler. Since I’m not a rollercoaster person, I rode the HallowSwings and the Scarecrow Scrambler quite a few times. There’s also Goblin Burgers and Dippin’ Dots if you’re ready to eat, and they also have a pumpkin spice ice cream. I did get to see their iconic characters dressed up for Halloween and got a photo with them.

If you’re already wanting Thanksgiving to be here, then you can try the Crow’s Nest, The Voyage and the Thunderbird coasters! This section also has rides called Turkey Whirl and the Mayflower. Another fun ride was Gobbler Getaway where you have a laser gun and try and shoot the targets to bring out the turkeys. There is The Plymouth Rock Caf and The SnackHouse for when all these turkeys make you hungry. This section also has a Dippin’ Dots and pretzel cart.

If you’re the type of person who’s setting up their Christmas tree early, then maybe you should try out their Christmas section. They have Comet’s Rocket’s, Dancer’s Fish, Dasher’s Seahorses, Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round, Reindeer Games and Rudolph’s Round-Up. You might want to take your little siblings or the children you babysit to this part of the park since a few of these rides are for children only. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. There’s Kringle’s Kafe, Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen, Santa’s Snacks, and another Dippin’ Dots station. Right now it’s decked out for Halloween so Kringle’s Kafe is now Kringle’s Kreepy Kafe.

Other attractions of the park include a Fourth of July section as well as several carnival games stationed throughout the park. There’s a place where you can create your own stuffed animal, like Build-a-Bear. There’s free sunscreen throughout the park so that you can protect yourself from the UV rays, and there’s also free drinks scattered through the park so you don’t have to worry about paying for that. Going to Holiday World was a fantastic trip, and I would definitely recommend for everyone to go! 

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I'm a Senior Motion Pictures Major Video Production Minor from Belmont University. I'm also the President of SPEW at BU (The Harry Potter Alliance), the Initiation Committee for Omicron Delta Kappa, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and a member of Board Game Society. I'm also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I love to read, paint, and dance. I'm creative, determined, and excited!!!