Dan and Phil: Interactive Introverts 2018 World Tour

Dan and Phil are two British comedy YouTubers with a combined total of 10.8 million subscribers! This summer they did a Dan and Phil 2018 World Tour called "Interactive Introverts." This is the second tour they’ve done and the second time they’ve come to Nashville for a tour. The year before last was titled "The Amazing Show is Not of Fire," but this year "Interactive Introverts" came to town. It was shown on August 3rd in the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. People drove from all around to see this show, and even I drove two hours to see them perform.

The theme of the tour was “Giving the People What They Want”, which meant being a completely interactive show. On the tour website, you could input questions, answer polls, and essentially telling Dan and Phil exactly what you want to see happen during the show. They also asked the audience questions and listened to their answers throughout the whole show playing off the excitement of the crowd and communicating with their audience.

Before the show even began, they had a special playlist playing throughout the whole venue from My Chemical Romance to “Ladydoor” on remix. People were singing and dancing along to the music to get pumped up for the show. It was so exciting to see all types of people from different backgrounds coming together to celebrate this community they found on YouTube.

I won’t give any spoilers away since they’ve still got a few more shows lined up. Just know from the moment they walked out on stage to the end of the final number, they had the crowd excited and laughing throughout the whole performance. I completely recommend going to see them when they come back with another tour, and I’m not just saying this because I’m part of the phandom. It was an amazing, never to be seen again performance that had me laughing the entire time. I enjoyed it, and I definitely think that you will too! 

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