A Conversation With Carly Pearce

On March 26, Belmont students had a very exciting on-campus opportunity: a Q&A with the award-winning country artist Carly Pearce whose hit songs include “Every Little Thing” and “Hide the Wine.” Spots for the event filled up very quickly and the Johnson Theatre was filled with her fans, people interested in the music industry, and hopeful artists hoping to gain some advice from Peace, who had a tough but valuable journey to get where she is now.

Pearce began the event by telling the story of her rise to fame, which was not easy in the slightest. She made it clear to the hopeful artists in the room that the path to success is not easy; it requires much patience, dedication, and passion for work. Pearce described how she would sing backup for artists such as Lucy Hale, wondering when her moment to be in the spotlight would come. She discussed how people continually told her that she wasn’t good enough or that her songs weren’t good enough. She detailed her story, which was full of pain and rejection.

But when she was finally signed by Big Machine Records, which has been home to artists such as Thomas Rhett and Taylor Swift, she finally was able to get her big break. Her dreams of being on the radio came true when “Every Little Thing” reached a broad audience. Since then, she has released a very successful album, is working on her second album, has been touring across the world, and is celebrating her engagement.

Carly Pearce’s story of her rise to fame was very inspirational and helpful for those students who are trying to make a career out of performing. Her resilience and passion for music is something each student in the room could learn from. 

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