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Phi Mu had their BonnaMu event benefiting Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt on October 27th. The event was called “BonnaMu Unplugged: Phi Mu presents Hunter Hayes and Friends.” They enjoyed a great turnout, with family, friends, sorority and fraternity members, and other students at Belmont.


Starting off the night was Sydney Layne. She is a Junior Phi Mu who rocked the night. She sang several songs to kick off the entertainment. The next performer was Del Schueler. She is a Sophomore Phi Mu. She had a marvelous performance that many will remember to come. The performer after her was Taylor Bickett. She is a Theta who won “Belmont’s Got Talent” in 2018. She had an awesome performance that really set the bar for the other performers. The last Belmont performer was Maggie Renfroe, a Sophomore Phi Mu. Her performance was jaw-dropping. In fact, I went to look up and listen to the music of every artist that performed after this event because it was so good!

The next performer was Alex Smith, a singer/songwriter from Louisiana. He played a few of his songs. He had a few slower songs and a few funny songs. He was talking, telling stories, and playing to the crowd. The next performer was Payton Smith, a new and upcoming artist. He really put on an incredible performance. He was funny and not afraid to be open and entertaining to the crowd. He would make jokes and tell funny stories between songs in his set. He would beat his guitar and really throw himself into the act.  He clearly had a great time, and so did we.


After him was someone we were all waiting for. It was Hunter Hayes and his band! One of his band members was even a Belmont alumni. Hunter Hayes played a lot of new songs he was wanting to try out. He would tell stories that would go with those songs. He would have the crowd sing with him and he would play to the audience. It was an amazing acoustic show. He told the story of his song “Wanted” and then he played it. Everyone in the audience was singing along. He also played “I Want Crazy” and the crowd was buzzing and singing and enjoying the show.

All in all it was an amazing show that was way worth the money to go to, and even more so because it was for Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt! Together for the whole year Phi Mu raised over $63,000 dollars for their charity, Children’s Miracle Network! Next time you get the chance to see BonnaMu, you had better go! Big congratulations to Britney Sams, Macy Martin, Erin Grimmm and the Phi Mu President, Lexie McCarty!

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