Birmingham Black Friday Shooting

One of the most anticipated nights of the year: Black Friday. It’s the night where shoppers hustle to the nearest malls and Best Buys to get crazy deals on the newest Steve Madden shoes or that flat-screen TV they have been dying for. We know people love to shop, especially when there is the opportunity to get half-off on Christmas gifts, but in recent years, this night has become increasingly more tense. It is no surprise to see fights breaking out, or even an ambulance outside of the Super Target. But this year, in my hometown, a man was fatally shot in the Riverchase Galleria Mall. His name was Emantic Bradford, Jr. 


After an altercation broke out, an 18-year-old male and 12-year-old female were injured with gunfire. The policemen on duty rushed to the scene. Bradford had a gun out (as many others did, supposedly – it is Alabama, after all), and after being identified as the suspected shooter, he was shot fatally in the head. According to CNN, Bradford had a concealed weapon permit for the gun he had that evening. Though originally identified as the shooter, after an investigation, it was found that Bradford was actually not the one who fired the shots. 


According to ABC3340, after a continued investigation, the actual shooter, Erron Brown, was found in Georgia and taken into custody. He is being charged with attempted murder. The details of the altercation have not been shared, nor has the security video of the mall that night been released. The investigation will continue until they determine the fate of the policeman who shot Bradford.


This story hit home for me, partially because of the fact that it happened at a place so close to my actual home, but also because of how tragic the outcome was. I know we all love to shop and find the best deals, but it is important to remember how much we already have. It is a shame that people are ending the night with fights over material things, and some being wrongfully killed, like Bradford. Next year, let’s all try and remember this, and treat our fellow shoppers, and more importantly, fellow human beings, with love and respect so that there are not more news stories like this one to come.  


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