Best of the Best: Alyssa Newton

Not only is she an incredible artist and writer and passionate human being, sophomore Alyssa Newton is a TT Leader, a proud member of Theta, and has now added Best of the Best Showcase participant to her track record! Luckily, I caught her for a second after an incredibly busy weekend filled with performing inspirational faith songs and putting on her best Beyoncé face for Greek Sing to answer some questions. Read below to see her thoughts on writing Christian music, being a part of showcase, and who she likes to watch movies with in her spare time.

How has coming to Belmont changed the way you approach writing Christian music? 

Coming to Belmont has provided me with friends who come from a whole variety of life experiences. The relationships I share with people here and the conversations that I have with them definitely inspires and fuels my writing. I always aim to write the truth and come out with songs that are real and genuine.

You played the Best of the Best Showcase last weekend! What was the most unexpected part of playing alongside Belmont's finest? Was it surreal to be up there as a sophomore? 

The most unexpected part of playing alongside Belmont's finest was simply getting to play Best of the Best at this point in my college career! My goal for this year was making it into a showcase so being a finalist in the Christian Showcase was a dream, let alone going onto Best of the Best. It was absolutely surreal and one of the most fun experiences I have EVER had!

One part of your performance I found to be inspiring was the idea of rest, and how society needs to stop striving and instead focusing on just being. When did you come to this realization? In a society so driven by outdoing one another, is it sometimes hard for you to follow through with that mentality? 

This concept of rest versus striving has been an ongoing realization my entire time at Belmont. In a saturated environment of going, going, going and accomplishing things all the time, I've been guilty of putting all my value in the things that I accomplish. It is definitely something I struggle with continually! But that is why my church, my family, and my friends are so important - because they help me realign my sense of worth apart from just what I do.

You also performed at Greek Sing! How has being a Theta changed your college experience?

Theta has been an amazing way to form relationships with some incredible girls! I watch Harry Potter with them, I eat queso with them, I dance with them, I sing with them, I sit there and do nothing with them, etc., etc. My community at Belmont expanded exponentially when I joined Theta and I am so thankful it gave me an avenue to form so many special relationships!

What's one piece of advice for aspiring songwriters you wish you had gotten before arriving at Belmont? 

Write down all the things you love about songwriting before you enter the realm of professional critique! It is so good to get feedback and advice on making your songs better, but it can get discouraging if you don't remember why you do what you do. Keep the innocent love and wonder for your craft in the forefront of your mind and it will help you as you interact with the opinions of the industry.

After such a busy weekend, what do you do to unwind? Do you have any favorite calming rituals to clear your mind of your schedule?

I LOVE movies! I will definitely be spending some nice time with Netflix to unwind after this crazy, wonderful, adrenaline-filled weekend. I'll probably hit up The Well at some point too to sip on a Fireside Latte and journal about these awesome experiences - journaling always helps me clear my mind and get away from the noise for a little while :) 


Shout out to Alyssa for being an inspiration to everyone she meets!

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