9 Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Your Day

Oh, mid-February… a common time to fall off the new year’s resolution wagon and experience some of the lonely feelings that may come with a valentine-less Valentine’s Day.  Given that social media consumes a lot of a college girl’s free time, why not flood your feed with posts that will make your day a little brighter? Here are my top nine favorite uplifting Instagram accounts this February:

  1. @init4thelongrunblog: Georgie is a health and wellness blogger who lives on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. She regularly posts pictures of her healthy food creations with links to the recipes on her blog, pictures of her daily outfits paired with informative captions describing her day so far or her general emotions, and plenty of scenic, aesthetically pleasing pictures of those New England landscapes.
  2. @thiswildidea: One word to describe this account: dreamy. Theron Humphrey travels all over the nation with his hound, Maddie, and takes the sweetest landscape plus puppy pictures. Dog-lovers, this account is a must-follow.
  3. @nashfitfoodie: Antonette Galletti mainly posts about the “real” food she treats her body with. She's definitely earned her spot on this list because I can always trust her Nashville restaurant recommendations. Plus, when she doesn’t go out to eat, she’s making something just as yummy as anything she’d order right at home and never fails to post a picture of her avocado-doused meal. 
  4. @kjp: Kiel James Patrick is a fashion designer who feeds right into my hopeless romantic needs by posting pictures of his golden retriever and cat, his wife (@Sarahkjp), and newborn baby Henry. All the while, KJP and his family travel all over New England taking flawless snapshots and advertising for his own line of clothing and jewelry.
  5. @iamhertribe: Danielle Doby will fill your feed with quick, few-lined poems paired with meaningful captions that inspire and always find a way to ring true in my daily life. A one liner as simple as “honor the work” is enough to stop me in my tracks from my mindless scrolling and, contrastingly, get me to think.
  6. @thefashionfitnessfoodie: Lucy Mountain’s blog caught my attention with a post that appeared on my “Explore” page which depicted a handful of almonds worth 480 Kcal as a “snack” right beside a bagel with cream cheese and salmon, also worth 480 kcal, but as a “meal.” The Fashion Fitness Foodie is regularly redefining these words overused in diet culture and promoting healthy, intuitive eating in the process.
  7. @omandthecity/ @awakethespace: Both these accounts are run by Jules Hunt, a blogger and yoga instructor, who’s brightly colored, uniformed pictures may inspire followers to theme their own Instagram account with similar filters and posts. Hunt posts a variety of pictures including pictures of her yoga practices, her meals, and fun candid pictures with friends. 
  8. @Sandra_Boynton: If you’re looking for a silly and sweet account to provide a quick, simple pick-me-up—look no further. Author and cartoonist Sandra Boynton never misses even the most underrated holidays and she always posts one of her own creations to remind her followers to celebrate such appropriately. 
  9. @itsybitsyindulgences: This wellness blogger not only finds time to craft chic outfits, take pictures in such with her morning coffees, go on 8 mile runs, and eat out at the upmost picture worthy restaurants… but she’s also a mom to a young daughter! Shannon Pulsifer is exactly what we’d call a girl boss. 

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