7 Things to Do Instead of Watching Netflix

Listen, I love a good Netflix session, especially when I want to take a break from classes and chill out. But afterwards, I always experience a sense of post-Netflix binge guilt when I realize that yeah, that was a good movie or TV show to occupy an afternoon, but in hindsight there were other, more productive things I actually would have liked to do more. Here's some ideas that are relaxing, but more productive and centering than Netflix. 


1. Organize Your Room

Admittedly this isn’t very exhilarating, but I always find that I’m more centered and relaxed after I take the time to clean up my surroundings. After all, your physical space is an extension of yourself. Getting your things in order will help you refocus and have a more restful retreat.

2. Try a New Craft

Everyone needs a hobby, and creativity is a great mood booster when incorporated into your daily life. Try making a friendship bracelet, picking up embroidery or cross stitch, or give painting a shot. Even if you’re just doing a coloring sheet, give yourself time to be expressive.


3. Make a New Recipe

Honestly, food is always a good idea. Dig up that recipe you’ve been meaning to try for forever (but don't let yourself spend too much time on Pinterest!) and make it a reality in the kitchen! Not only will it give you time to take your mind off of your hectic schedule, but you’ll have a tasty snack after you’re done!

4. Read

You know that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for forever, practically begging you to read it? It’s time to crack open its spine and get rid of that book guilt! Books offer a lot of the same entertainment and relaxation value as TV or movies, but they last longer and they are so much more engrossing! (Disclaimer: I am an English major.)


5. Find a New Coffee Shop

Looking for a new cafe where you can unwind? Google coffee shops in your area and find a new place to try! Bring a book, a friend or some headphones and get off of campus. You might end up finding your new go-to place to hang!

6. Journal

I’m a firm believer that everyone benefits from writing out their feelings, ideas, and anxieties, and getting into journaling is a great way to add some mindfulness into your day. You don’t need to have a fancy pen or notebook—if making a file on your laptop or phone works for you, then go for it!


7. Write a Letter

Have you been thinking about a friend or family member that you haven’t seen for a while, or do you just want to let someone know how much you appreciate them? Then write them a letter! It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, and taking the time to reconnect with someone will put a smile on your face and theirs!


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