5 Shows to Help you Procrastinate this Finals Season

Finals is here and so is the stress. Sometimes we need an excuse to take a break from the studying and the agonizing over that group project that just isn't going as you'd hoped. Well here is that excuse, this is your sign. You can take a break, you probably deserve it and if you don't then you know that too and you'll take a break later. There's nothing that clears the mind from gross business class study guides quite like a good comedy. But 'I don't have time! Too much to do' you say, well here's the thing- the episodes in the shows I've carefully curated for you typically have a runtime of 20-25 minutes. And you can spare 20-25 minutes to reward yourself for a job well done, or not quite done yet but getting there. So here's your cue, take this as your sign, and reward yourself with a bit of escapism. 

Along with the list comes a snippet from the show. May include spoilers. 

1. The Office (US)

2. Parks and Rec

3. Arrested Development

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

5. It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

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