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Your Boot Guide for Walking Around the Heights

No girls, you may no longer acceptably wear flip flops around campus.  We know the sun and warmth have made some odd appearances in Chestnut Hill lately, but let's collectively decide that winter is approaching.  So put away your Rainbows and get ready for boot season!  Here are some of our top picks for your feet:

1.  Boston Weather-Proof
It’s fast approaching, and we’re all dreading it: nine months in the arctic tundra the Boston winter.  Don’t let the cheery, winter wonderland holiday commercials fool you— Boston post-Thanksgiving means piercing winds, wintery mixes, and, that’s right, slush.  Lucky for us, Sorel has mastered the art of functional fashion.  These Joan of Arctic boots are tall, waterproof, and lined with a 2 ½ mm “frost plug” that keep toes toasty in -25 degree weather.  

2.  Colorful
We’re totally obsessed with these updated Free People combat boots.  Paired with a classic Mexican Hacienda pattern, these boots master the floppy fold with a pop of color rarely seen in our winter wardrobes.  Pair them with chunky socks and leggings for a super cozy, textured look.


3.  Animal Print
I’m a sucker for anything animal print, so obviously these Tessa boots slayed me.  Both color combinations are so unique and badass that I couldn’t decide which to feature, so for your viewing pleasure, I’ve chosen both.  Rock the “cream kiwi” with black skinny jeans and a dressy top, or the “multi” with tights and an LBD.  Rawr.


4.  Riding

Alongside Nike Frees and Bean Boots, riding boots are no stranger to the BC girl’s wardrobe.  I constantly see ogle-worthy Fryes and Tory Burches while walking to class, but in case you’ve yet to get on the bandwagon with this classic, infallible look, here are two of my favorites from this season, Paxton and Cavanna.


5.  Ugg® Replacement
Okay, I get that Uggs® are soft, warm and comfortable, but you’ve also been wearing them since sixth grade.  You outgrew your braces and Abercombie tops, now it’s time to update your sheerling fetish.  These BC boots are suede, lined with Sherpa fleece, and come in the same classic chestnut Ugg® shade. The stacked heel and zippered side give them structure so they look like a real boot, not an oversized slipper.  Middle school on the inside, adult on the outside- perfect!


6.  Studded
If you still associate studs with angsty teenagers and Hot Topic, don’t.  Studs are making a fabulous comeback this season, from embellished flannels, bangles, and bags- and shoes are no exception.  These gold-studded Ash boots are edgy but not overwhelming, so pair with an oversized button down for an easy class outfit.  Or for something more subtle, opt for these suede Sam Eldeman’s.  I love the combination of different studs and spikes, and the 2-inch heel is the perfect height for traipsing down Newbury without killing your soles.   


7.  On a Budget
Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you looked at your bank account and were pleasantly surprised?  College can feel like a constant drain on your finances, but luckily we’ve got Successful Start and these awesome bargain boots.  Yes, these Urban boots are only $19.99!  And yes, they’re one-of-a-kind, vintage, and awesome.

8.  Bar-Proof
It’s the eternal dilemma of getting dressed to go out: wear cute shoes and risk destroying them, or throw on your oldest, rattiest footwear and compromise your outfit.  We’ve all come home at night with the nasty residue of beer, dirt, and who knows what else stomped all over our toes; it sucks.  So don’t sacrifice your $200 birthday pumps to the basement floor— these wedge boots look sleek and are synthetic leather, so they can stand up to all the spillage.  Plus, they’re only $59.99, so you won’t feel guilty retiring them after a few too many games of flip cup.


9.  Holiday Party
These black booties are perfect for a New Years/Christmakwazacha party— they’re closed-toed, suede and winter appropriate.  And the silver stitching adds just enough sparkle to accentuate your holiday best. 


10.  Dancing in the Rain
The BC girl is well-versed in rain boots.  And by rain boots, I mean Hunters.  I dare you to walk through campus with even a 10% chance of precipitation and not reach double digits in your Hunter boots count.  Let’s get some variety ladies!  These Sperry rain boots are 100% waterproof, but the quilted top is warmer than your average wellie and much lighter than clunking around with a shaft of rubber.  Combined with the ankle buckle and fun olive color, these read more like riding boots than rain boots, so you can look cute and be secretly prepared for our temperamental New England weather.

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