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Working Out for Yourself

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

With the holidays behind us and Spring Break coming up soon everyone’s attention has turned to working out and eating a healthy diet. The Plex is packed no matter what time you go, and the Eagle’s Salad line is as long as ever. But then a few weeks go by and suddenly there is no longer a line for a treadmill and it takes less than ten minutes for a salad. What happened?

When you are working out with the sole intention of losing weight or trying to fit into a certain size it is easy to get burned out and discouraged. If two weeks go by and the scale isn’t budging, it is easy to start dreading going to the gym and eventually stop going all together. The only real way to stick with an exercise routine is if you find something you love about it.

If you are a person that hates running, then stop running! There are a ton of other ways to get in your cardio that won’t make you despise your workouts. Just start trying out a bunch of different workouts and classes until you each find something you love. You may fall in love with spin classes, and as long as you have a workout you are looking forward to doing you will be much more likely to keep going.

Choose a reason you are working out that has nothing to do with your outward appearance. It might be you are looking to feel stronger, or looking for a way to clear your head after a long day of studying, or you want to start your day with some more energy. When you have an intrinsic reason for working out that will carry you through the rough days when Netflix is calling. Turns out Elle Woods was right, exercise does make you happy!

The moment you make the switch from working out to get a certain body to exercising to because it is good for you, then you will finally start to enjoy it. Grab your friends, hit the plex, and share some of the endorphins with them!


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Taylor is a Junior at Boston College, majoring in Economics and minoring in English. When not writing articles for Her Campus BC, she can be found at BCMUN meetings, volunteering in the Admissions office, or taking classes at the Plex.
Molly is a senior at Boston College studying Communication and Political Science. She is currently a Campus Corespondent for Her Campus BC and is looking forward to writing articles! She loves to travel, hangout with her friends, and go on adventures. Her mantra is "If you are always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be" - Maya Angelou.