Women in Business Presidents

Meet this week’s Campus Celebs, Diana Angelini and Caela McCann! Diana and Caela serve as co-presidents of one of Boston College’s largest organizations, Women in Business. These ladies are as kind as they are impressive as they lead Women in Business (WIB) to even greater success in their senior year.

The Basics:

Name: Diana Angelini and Caela McCann

Hometown: DA: Darien, IL; CM: Westport, CT

Major: DA: Finance and Marketing; CM: Hispanic Studies

BC Life:

Other clubs and involvements at BC: DA: CSOM Peer Advisor, Kairos and Halftime retreat leader, babysitting, Girls on the Run

CM: Student Director Winston Center, Undergraduate Faculty Research Fellow, TA for Leadership with Judy Clair

Bapst or O’Neill: DA: Bapst  CM: O’Neill first floor

Best Class: DA: Fashion Marketing (taken abroad through Fairfield University in Florence)   CM: International Management with MaryEllen Carter and Tim Gray

Worst Class: DA: Managerial Accounting with Sletten   CM: Latin America and the World II with Morgan

Dream Job: Owning a company together

Internship Summer 2014: DA: Asset Management Intern at JP Morgan   CM: Client Services Intern at Epsilon

Advice to Freshman: DA: Find what you love and try different things out. It might not work out, and that’s okay as long as you are open to new experiences.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up if you find out you aren’t passionate about the activity or cause anymore. 

CM: This isn’t high school, you shouldn’t pad your resume; you should only participate in organizations you are passionate about. You don’t have to set the world aflame yourself.

All things WIB:

Past Positions: DA: Freshman Representative, Assistant Treasurer, Vice President   CM: Freshman Representative, Secretary, Vice President

How has WIB changed throughout your time at Boston College?

When we joined Women in Business, the organization was primarily focused on professional preparation, networking, and recruitment opportunities. Additionally, WIB mostly partnered with accounting firms to develop and sponsor all events. As​ we came to serve as presidents, we both knew that we wanted Women in Business to appeal to a greater audience at Boston College. Thus, along with our Board of nine undergraduate women, we worked to rebrand the organization to empower our members through a diverse curriculum of events, as well as to reflect the mission of Boston College and educate the mind, body, and soul of undergraduate females. 

What is it like being Co-Presidents?

CM: We are lucky that our strengths complement one another, and we make sure to focus on this when delegating and organizing events. First and foremost, we are a team and rely on each other (even outside of WIB). Diana is friendly, outgoing, a strong communicator, and extraordinarily positive.

DA: Caela is truly a woman for others. She recognizes the potential of each girl who she surrounds herself with, and provides them with resources to be the best, well-informed versions of themselves. And personally, whether it's providing me with relevant, interesting articles to read, or being an attentive listener and friend and offering me honest advice, Caela inspires me to be the best, truest version of myself every single day.  I could not be more grateful to stand by her side as co-President of this organization. 

Upcoming Events:

Internship Panel: Wednesday, November 12 at 7:00 pm ​in Fulton Honors

The Business of Being Beyoncé: A Case Study:​ Tuesday, November 18 at 12:00 pm in Fulton Honors


Make sure you say hi to these ladies if you see them on campus! They have so much to share and are without a doubt worth getting to know!


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