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Why Themed Parties Are the Best

You flick that last layer of mascara on your already dolled-up eyelashes. Maybe you add a few too many spritzes of your Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. So what if it’s too much, you know you smell gooooood. As you walk out the door, you sneak a final glance of yourself in your floor-length mirror. You quickly adjust your costume. Wait, did she just say costume? Why yes, I did. Plot twist: you’re going to a themed party!

There is nothing more thrilling than a theme party. Absolutely EVERY aspect of it is fun. And here’s why:

1. It’s totally acceptable to spend the entire week planning your outfit. Is it not so much fun to fantasize about what your weekend outfit will be? And your chemistry teacher has been speaking gibberish for the past half hour. But that doesn’t worry you because you now have the perfect excuse to peruse Nasty Gal for a theme-friendly outfit. You’re sure mom won’t mind if you charge a flapper dress to her credit card. After all, the party theme is “Welcome to the 20s” for your friend’s 20th birthday. You can’t just show up wearing a regular dress, now can you? 

2. The anticipation. You realize you can’t stop thinking or talking about the upcoming party. You take every lull in a conversation as an opportunity to talk about the party. And your friends go along because if you talk about it, it’s almost like you’re already there. None of those problem sets matter at that moment in time. 

3. Getting ready. You give yourself at least an hour, sometimes even two, because this is one of the most exciting parts. Your entire ensemble comes to life when you combine your newly composed outfit, stage makeup, freshly shaven legs, and your favorite pair of heels. PS: it is totally acceptable to sip on some bubbly while you do your makeup. But make sure to sip and not gulp (yet) because you don’t want to look like a 2nd grader who just discovered her mother’s makeup cabinet. 

4. The pregame. You’ve always thought that the pregame is the best part of the night. It’s just your close friends and the pictures you take are usually Facebook appropriate. Also, it’s totally okay to put on Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” because your close friends have to love you no matter what, right? 

5. The party. Now’s your moment to shine. The guy you’ve been (obsessively) Facebook stalking is here. You look cute and so does he! You both make eye contact and smile. And now you have the perfect icebreaker: making fun of other people’s clearly inferior costumes. And before you know it “BAM!” the two of you hit it off. 

6. Walking home. Whether you choose to walk home at 11pm or 11am, depending on the grand scheme of things, it’s always an adventure. At 11pm, you get the perks of the “Comm Ave” bus sing-a-longs in a flapper dress. At 11am, you have to try to “act casual” about your obvious morning after outfit.

So what could be better than a themed party? NOTHING, I TELL YOU! NOTHING!


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