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Why Girls Wear Heels

We’ve all been there.  It’s Friday night and you’re getting ready to go out.  The biggest question is: heels or no heels?  You decide to go for the heels.  After all, they make your outfit look a million times better. Right? You look great, there is no question about it.  You take a few pictures and you’re off.  The night goes by and after the first hour you’re wishing you chose the flats instead.  So why do we do it to ourselves, ladies? Why do we wear heels when we know they’re going to be killing our feet in thirty minutes time? Is the pain worth

Women wear heels to look and feel sexy. An article in the New York Times says that women who wear heels are more likely to attract the attention of both men and women. Likewise, the piece also states that, “In addition to making women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form.”  In an age where being thin means so much to a woman, heels can emphasize a woman’s body and lengthen and visually tone her legs.  This is a good thing, right? For now maybe it is, but we may be suffering the consequences of our shoe choices later on in life.

As young adults, we wear heels to make us look and feel more like women.  I remember back to my childhood days when I watched my mom walk around in her heels.  I couldn’t wait for the day that I could wear heels like that and feel like I was on top of the world.

We wear heels we can barely walk in and much like sunbathing in oil to get a darker tan or smoking so as not to eat in excess, we suffer the consequences later.  Those consequences are too far out for us to care about now.  It is just such fun to look glamorous in sky-high heels.

But we need to be careful.  Wearing heels everyday can cause leg stiffness, back problems, poor posture, and muscle fatigue.

In our young adult years, we must be sparing in how often we wear heels.  I know that I won’t stop wearing heels just because they may have consequences in my future.  But I will make sure I don’t wear them too often.  And I encourage all you heel-lovers to do the same.  And make sure you never ever wear a shoe that doesn’t allow you to walk normally.  Not only is that bad for you, but it just looks awful to those who have to watch you suffer.

And what do men think of women in high heels, you may ask?

Newsflash: Not all men like women in heels!  Women may wear heels because they want to attract the opposite sex.  But, in reality, they may just be grabbing the attention of other women.  I mean, let’s face it ladies.  We all know that the outfit and shoes are a major part of any look.  So don’t over do it.  After all, it’s our inner beauty that matters the most.

If only all women could agree to not wear heels…

But, then, what would all us short girls do to seem taller?


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